Chania Information

The Venice of the East!

Chania is a unique city bearing a rich and long history and culture. Its name is often glorified in historical documents as the city raised brave soldiers, groundbreaking politicians, intellectuals and artists. It is considered the city of Justice and Freedom and its rare beauty justifies its characterization as the "Venice of the East". The city of Chania was a crossroad between the East and the West for many centuries, and for this reason it was claimed by its enemies and suffered the presence of many conquerors.

The old city of Chania has managed to preserve its cultural heritage and traditional architecture and to successfully combine it with its modern lifestyle. A walk in the narrow streets of the old city offers nostalgic images from the past. We  invite you to visit and experience the most fantastic package holiday deals you will truly indulge our lovely city and its unique monuments, the Grand  Arsenal, the Egyptian Lighthouse, the Venetian dockyard ("Neoria")  ect. Walk through the streets and discover the numerous churches and the majestic neoclassic buildings. Enjoy the sea breeze at the portside, the colors of the old city and taste the local cuisine in picturesque restaurants and taverns.

Dear visitors, the city of Chania and its people welcome you to the thematic portal of the Municipality and invite you to experience their warm hospitality. Step by step, the city will reveal its secrets and beauties through a journey in history.